Eric Cagley
Rachel Elder
Angelo Kozonis
Tom Wixo

November 5- 23, 2016

"PYRAMID SCHEME" is a group show of paintings, collage work and modular sculpture

1. Eric started his own landscaping business. He charges $6 an hour for mowing lawns and $11 per hour for pulling weeds. In November he mowed lawns for 63 hours and pulled weeds for 9 hours. How much money did he earn in November?

2. Rachel has a group of 17 transposable glide objects. Her newest installation is made up of an arrangement of 5 objects. How many different arrangements of the transposable glide objects can Rachel make?

3. Angelo got in his car and started driving to work at the office. After driving for 30 minutes, Angelo took a break for 1 hour and 15 minutes to have a snack. Then Angelo drove 10 minutes and finally arrived at the office at 10:00 A.M. What time did Angelo start driving?

4. Tom has 5 paintings in his painting box. One day, he knocks the painting box over and 4 paintings spill onto the floor. How many paintings are still in the box?