Morgan Higby-Flowers


November 2014

KVIKA, a video installation by Morgan Higby-­Flowers, depicts manipulated landscapes through  coding and script to perform a particular task.  "Kvika," an Icelandic term, refers to the flesh under the nails, related to our digits, as well as a natural phenomenon of something emerging such as  a spring or magma.  The image depicts a landscape that transforms from a swell, a digital break  creating a moving and changing environment, questioning the differences of the real and virtual  world in which we live in.  Higby­-Flowers is interested in using the aesthetics of chaos,  commenting on the phenomena of disorder in seemingly stable and harmonious systems; a disruption in an order, a crack emerging from the flow of water. In addition, Higby-­Flowers will be performing Input == Input, a real time audio and video  manipulation using a non­input system consisting of a video mixer, an audio mixer, and a scan  converter.

Morgan Higby-­Flowers graduated from the Electronic Integrated Arts Program, NYSCC at Alfred  University (Alfred, NY) as well as receiving his BFA from The School of the Art Institute of  Chicago.  He has served as visiting faculty at Austin Peay State University and Ball State  University (Muncie, IN).  His work has been performed and exhibited in numerous locations such  as Chicago and New York, as well as Mexico City, Barcelona, and Cairo.  He currently works as  an Assistant Professor of Time Media at Watkins College of Art, Design and Film in Nashville,  TN.