Mike Calway-Fagen

From Right To Left

May 2014

"From Right to Left [...] was conceived and collaboratively realized by the Sculpture BFA students of Indiana University’s Hope School of Fine Art. It was made possible by the leadership and local know-how of artist, professor, and Nashville native Mike Calway-Fagen and curator Veronica Kavass [...]

"From Right To Left is carefully orchestrated. Upon entering the performance space, one encounters the first of three rooms on one’s left. In it is a table of objects, over which two performing artists, dressed all in black and wearing aprons, puzzle and deliberate. They discuss at length which of the objects is “right” for cooking next. When the object has been chosen, it is carried with exigency down the central hallway to a back room. Cooking oil crackles on contact as one of the selected items—a rubber-duck, battered and breaded—is dunked into the deep fryer, which is staged centrally in the minimally lit room. Another performing artist quietly appears to collect the item, now crisp and dripping oil, and carry it to the final room, which mirrors the first room near the entrance. This room is lit generously with clamp lights, each trained on smooth, modern-looking shelves, where the freshly fried item is arranged amongst others of its kind, to be observed at length."  - Evelyn Walker, NashvilleArts Magazine