David King


December 2015

A series of questions posed by the artist:

Does the moon anticipate being full?

What did you wear for halloween as a kid?  (I was the ultimate warrior).

Is subtraction a bleak process? Is division reproduction?

Do you like my artwork?

Is there someone watching us?

Is art-making goal oriented, like milking a cow?

(1) Are you able to make an inventory of what you have given away?


(2) Where are the things you've given away?

If you hear an argument in a restaurant, what does that say about art?

David King is an artist in Nashville, TN. He holds a BA from the University of Tennessee and currently studies at Watkins College of Art, Design, & Film. In 2012 he curated the group exhibition It’s Hot in a Dog’s Head at Ground Floor Gallery + Studios (Nashville) and recently showed alongside collaborator David Anderson in Living on Mousemeat at Track One (Nashville).