lump lines header.jpg

Basima Mohamed
Steffen Sornpao
Quay Quinn Wolf
Bettina Yung

July 1st - July 29th, 2017

mild climate presents Lump Lines, a group exhibition featuring work from Basima Mohamed, Steffen Sornpao, Quay Quinn Wolf, and Bettina Yung. 

Curated by Mika Agari


Basima Mohamed was born in 1971, Harrania village, Giza, Egypt.  Her father was a farmer. She attended the local primary school till the age of 16. When she was 10, Basima came to the Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Centre after school and during summer holidays to play and weave with other young children whom later were to form the second generation weavers with Suzanne Wissa Wassef. Basima’s strong passion for weaving permits the discovery of the endless capabilities of the weaving technique. Her subject matter varies from depicting village stories and farmer’s activates in the fields, to market places, the sea and garden landscapes with their detailed flowers and cactus. Her tapestries have been part of the centre’s collection since the mid 80’s and exhibited in several international exhibitions.

Steffen Sornpao lives and works in Atlanta, GA. He received his BFA at the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design and has shown extensively around Atlanta. He is Co-Director at the artist run space Good Enough.

Quay Quinn Wolf is a self-taught artist living and working in New York City. His sculptures, textiles and installations have been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Nurture Art Foundation, Spring/Break Art Show and The Java Project. Wolf's second solo exhibition opens this summer at East Hampton Shed.

Bettina Yung (b. 1989, Los Angeles, CA) lives and works in New York City. Her concerns fluctuate between the scrutiny and investigation of self origin through cultural tropes, and uses both natural and found materials to illuminate limitations of control. She attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and graduated in 2011 and is showing in a solo exhibition concurrently at Ghost Project organized by Colin Alexander. She organized the online group exhibition, King Spa in New Jersey, and has shown at WANUSAY Montreal, Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery in Philadelphia, and Franklin St. in Baltimore.