Cody Tumblin

Open Drawer

May 2015

Bits and pieces. 

Licked together by time, 

held together by the spit. 


Drops of saliva, short words 

and tender bits. 


Something juicy about them. 


Bits of meat, 

bits of ink, 

bits of waste. 

Licking and pasting, 

building facades, 

building walls, 

holding in. 


Adorning walls with trinkets of desire, 

tiny testaments to time,

time spent looking outwardly. 



finding scraps, 

finding bits, 

licking the wounds and sticking them on. 


Hoping they will hold. 


Some bits seep through, 

soft shapes 

bleeding into the webbing. 


Something unsaid, something felt,

maybe just false memory, 

maybe just bits and pieces after all. 


Cody Tumblin is from Nashville, Tennessee, and lives and works in Chicago with his wife, the artist Kayl Parker. He received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Recent exhibitions include a solo show, Tell Tale, at Devening Projects + Editions in Chicago, PRTY PPL curated by Josh Reames at Circuit 12 in Dallas and Forlorn Luck, a solo show at Lunchmoney Gallery in Aarhus, Denmark. Tumblin also recently participated in SHIT IS REAL at Devening Projects + Editions, a solo show with The Salon Series, and Pile Hunk Stage with Kayl Parker at Gallery X. This fall, Tumblin anticipates a two person show, Awkward Dimensions, with Jaime Angelopoulos at LVL3 in Chicago.